What is mononews?

In The Begining

mononews started as a belief that there must be a better way to reach reporters of lifestyle news.  That the way the world communicates is going through rapid and radical change and yet some tools, processes and strategies have not kept pace, leaving organizations doing the same old thing.

Current Situation

Increasingly, journalists reporting on lifestyle, arts and entertainment are free-lance, working for multiple news vehicles.  Lifestyle news makes up a small part of the news posted on newswire sites, so reporters must sift through a lot of non-related news to find relevant items.  Yes, these sites are associated with major media outlets, however it is generally an editor who determines the stories that are newsworthy and hands out the assignments.

If not working an established news organization, how much time does a reporter have to spend to find audience appropriate news?  If working for an established organization, how to make the assigned news appropriate for the audience?

The Genisis of mononews

The first idea —  create a news delivery service focused strictly on lifestyle news.

The second idea —  make sure news gets into the hands of the reporters  for whom it would be most interesting.  Categorize lifestyle topics and segment the list of journalists accordingly.

In late 2009, a site was developed to test the idea, and, more importantly to learn about what would work and how.  Companies and organizations were offered the opportunity to post their press releases for free.

And Now

On October 14th, 2010 we launched mononews Premium, which enables users to create and post Social Media Press Releases for $ 150.

We’ve learned a lot, and we have lots more to learn.  Help us learn from you, and about you by posting your comments and questions.


2 thoughts on “What is mononews?”

  1. I wanted to thank you once again for that amazing web page you have made here. It can be full of ideas for those who are truly interested in this subject, in particular this very post. Your all amazingly sweet in addition to thoughtful of others plus reading the blog posts is a superb delight in my experience. And what generous gift! Jeff and I are going to have excitement making use of your ideas in what we must do in the future. Our collection of ideas is a kilometer long so your tips are going to be put to excellent use.

    • RobinEThornton said:

      Thank you for reading. Knowing that there is material here that is helpful to others is validating!



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