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In my October 12 blog post, entitled Are Press Releases an Important Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox?  I was looking for input on the state of the Press Release today.  My colleague, a former journalist, is pretty certain of the imminent demise of the press release.  I wanted outside validation regarding the truth of such rumours.

My position, and not just because the alternative leads to unemployment, is I believe that if there was a way to make sending out press releases efficient, easy, accessible and very affordable, then any decline in the trend of issuing press releases could be reversed. (mononews already provides this kind of service and it actually  incorporates the best practices outlined below.)

We asked the question on Linked In, Twitter and via MarketingProfs, and here is a summary of what you told us:

Yes, Press Release Are Still Important.

They are key  for SEO purposes.

Press releases help promote new product or show how it meets the needs of a particular reader;

Are useful in building brand awareness;

Can assist in opening the door to other editorial opportunities with the media.

Provide editors and journalists information that they might find useful;

Are a credible source of information;

And, press releases are an additional means of communicating about Company, product or Brand.

Some Best Practice Suggestions

Ensure the content is really newsworthy/relevant.

Send the release via Social Media.

Target the release, information, style to the right audience.

Slant the release, information, style for different target audiences (i.e. customize the release for different interest groups).

Include photos and video.

Keep it brief.


A very special and sincere  “thank you’ to all who took the time to weigh in on the question via Social Media.



Now, how do you think I should break the news to my colleague?