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Google is demonstrating their ability to be strategic, something that I admire greatly about the company, and the key factor in what I expect to be their (continued) success and longevity in the marketplace.


They learn, they observe, they adapt, they try, they fail.  But even in failing they take the key lessons from the trial and error, build on them and come up with a better/improved offering.  It doesn’t necessarily happen right away and the product may reappear without much fanfare, but when it does, the improvements are obvious and usually right on the money.

They take their time, which translates into having a plan, a long-term plan, which also indicates they plan to be around for the long-term.  While it might sound simplistic, having a vision for where one might be 3, 5 or 10 years down the road helps make sure that you have what you need in place to survive and prosper.  Remember the Three Little Pigs?

Google obviously has their eye on the competition, and while they might see the same opportunities, it’s not about matching the competition, it’s about answering the needs of the consumer in a manner that differentiates Google from their rivals.

So I admire Google.  I think they are smart.  I believe the risks they take are calculated.  Not just calculated in terms of  the risk/return equation, but in terms of the risk/benefit consideration.

So, kudos to Google from one little fan!