There was a time when any new consumer packaged good or service launch or significant restage/relaunch automatically generated a Press Release.  Yes, you made a special pitch to the key media who influenced your target audience.  If you could afford it, you held an event and invited all the members of the media covering the particular area of interest, be it health, food, fashion, beauty.  But a fundamental element of every significant PR campaign was a press release.  Why?  Because there was always a reporter who couldn’t come, a journalist who was not available, a geography you couldn’t cover, a vehicle not represented, overlooked or which had undiscovered potential for your news.  It was an easy way to ensure that everyone saw your news. Customized pitches to key media contacts can help ensure you get their coverage, but what about the consumers not reached by that vehicle?

As time went by, the environment changed, media evolved and business suffered increasingly severe constraints.  Maintaining a complete and extensive media list became more and more difficult and demanding.  The cost of sending a news release out as a tactic to cast the widest net to ensure the most extensive reach became a large and unwarranted expense.  An expense that often could not be justified by the coverage generated.

But what if that was no longer true?  What if there was a vehicle that allowed you that “insurance” of getting your news to as many people who might have an interest in your news as possible?

You do the work anyway!

You have to prepare the pitch, so creating a press release with the same information should take a minimal time investment.  And mononews offers you a low-cost opportunity to send the release out to a customized and targeted list of journalists for $150 for one language, $200 for both English and French.  Should you want to “tweak” the release for geographical relevance, or to better address different journalistic interest groups, for example a new product is eco-friendly, so it goes to “green” journalists as well as home décor reporters, no problem, there’s no extra charge.

What is the potential coverage that can be generated by the investment of the time to write a press release and (maximum) $ 200 to have it distributed? How many extra “eyeballs” that get to see your news would it take to justify the expense?

I’d love to have your help to generate an answer.