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I am a marketer.  That means I am a generalist, I know everything there is to know about my product/service/company and my consumer/customer.  I know how it works, what’s in it, what it’s made from, what the individual ingredients/components do, where they come from, where it gets packaged, how long it takes to work, any regulatory issues impacting it, who uses it, how often, why and more.  I know about my customer, their demographics, their habits, their buying pattern.  I know the same for the competition.

I am the gatekeeper for all data concerning performance, sales, customer feedback, quantitative and qualitative research.  I know where it sells/performs best, regionally, by channel and outlet, and, I understand why.  I can analyze and synthesize this information to provide recommendations and create the annual marketing plan.

I am the central point of contact.  All information comes to me, where it is digested and incorporated into the plan, the implementation and/or the individual activities.  All communication about the Brand/product/service originates with me and is derived from my presentations, briefings, plans and instructions.

I am responsible for Brand identity.  I understand the key elements of the marketing mix — what role advertising, promotion, price, packaging and PR play — and I select the tools and vehicles to best promote and build the Brand/product/service/company.

I have a large and central role.  But I cannot do it alone.  I need the cooperation, collaboration and support of my management and my colleagues from the top, down.  From purchasing to production through to sales and customer support.

The relationship needs to be a symbiotic one, where no one works in isolation, communication is open and information is fully disclosed and shared in a constructive and transparent way in all directions:  back, forth, up and down.  What is also shared are clear objectives.  Contributing to the successful accomplishment of shared goals is a large component of job satisfaction.

I am proud to be a marketer.