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In communication, identity is paramount.  Whether talking at the Brand or at the Corporate level — who you are, who you serve, what you do and what you stand for must come across clearly.

Young brands and start-up companies should tackle this early on in their launch process.  Establish a brand/corporate character, select a tone that is evocative and resonates with your target audience and carefully choose the words that will help convey who and what you are/represent.

Make sure your features (the key elements that comprise your business, product or service), benefits (what advantages you provide) and USP (Unique Selling Points or what makes you different from your competition) come across with complete clarity.

Distil this down to a few powerful words or phrases and use them consistently across every communication platform you use  Be diligent about this.  Whenever you deal with someone who communicates on your behalf, brief them carefully.

mononews has a clear identity.

mononews is a news distribution service exclusively focused on lifestyle, arts and entertainment news.  Press releases are sent directly to a list of targeted journalists customized by news topic, media type, geographic considerations and language.

mononews is online, accessible, easy-to-use and low-cost.

There are no subscriptions or fees, the rate of $ 150 for one language, or $ 200 for both English and French is all-inclusive.

What mononews does not have is an icon which graphically represents the company and it’s services.  Since we don’t have the expertise internally, we have decided to go outside and solicit participation from the community at large.

Iconify mononews Contest

A prize of $ 2,500 will be awarded to the creator of the winning mononews icon.  The contest is open all artists and graphic designers , professionals or students across the country.

See  the contest website for complete details  of the contest – www.iconifymononews.ca

Please pass the information along to anyone you know who might be interested.