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I’ve been neglecting our Blog – we’ve been working on tweaking the website to be clearer about the value proposition and better communicate the benefits of the service.

Importantly, we’ve addressed feedback from research we conducted that told us that journalists in Western Canada, similar to the Quebec media, are interested in local news, or National news with a local slant.  This wasn’t a surprising learning.  Brand marketers and their agencies have long been developing custom pitches for select media.  Quebec media has habitually questioned releases that have been translated, rather than adapted, asking “How is this relevant for us?”  (Which I would argue has contributed to the gulf between English and French –“You don’t care about us, so we don’t care about you” but that’s a topic for another blog.)

With the accessibility of news and information on the web, getting headline news is easy, quick and (somewhat) overwhelming.  Mass media continues to deliver the big stories, allocating time and space to local coverage, but it’s the 10,000 foot overview.

So when it gets down to the places outside the “commercial centre of Canada” people want to know about the news that affects them, or, how the news affects them specifically.  Same for Brands, products and services.  The question is, “What’s in It for Me?”

How Can mononews Help?

What can mononews do about it? How can we address this challenge when we only distribute the content, not create it?

We can help by ensuring the communicators and marketers who want to address different markets differently have the option to select specific geography and media for their news.  Organizing media by topic, media type and region offers better targeting for lifestyle news.  News is relevant and appreciated. Better targeting could mean better coverage.

Do you have any input?  Let’s hear from you.