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I’m a pretty straightforward person (there are some who know me, who might consider that something of an understatement) and because I am usually direct in my dealings, I prefer to be dealt with the same way. In my own defense, having worked in communications for many years, I do have some skill at dialogue, so I’m not totally an idiot savant at a cocktail party!

What really aggravates me is not getting a definite answer in a reasonable time period (or when promised).  This is especially annoying in a business setting, when life currently seems to be moving at the speed of light and opportunities and projects have a definite shelf life.  Not making a timely decision, or not having the necessary information to enable a timely decision, is a poor reason for inaction or falling short of accomplishment.

I expect that part of it is because people are busy, and I respect that.  It would only be fair to point out that I too have a significant list of things to do and goals to achieve.  The time invested in following up to make sure the proposal, offer, RFI, presentation is still on the “to do” list and being considered is time spent away from more productive tasks.

Finally, postponing the inevitable “no” is as frustrating and more demotivating than the actual “no” itself.

So if it’s a technique to delay rejection, with the intent of letting me down easy – don’t!

Don’t Let Me Down Easy!

I can deal with it.  I’m a big girl.  I’m also a realist.  If I always got my way, or always got what I wanted, people would be addressing me as “Your Royal Highness”.  I can get over disappointment and, sometimes, it spurs me on to better things.

So, if you are holding back from responding in the negative because you are trying to be nice, don’t bother.  (On the flip side, there is no need to be nasty, either.)  Just tell me that you are not interested in my services, don’t need my product, don’t see a compelling need to execute this particular project, or you just don’t want to.

Believe me, I’ll get over it.  And, more importantly I’ll move on.  (If I could push my luck and get an explanation or the reason behind the decision – that would be an incredibly helpful and very much appreciated bonus!)