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I spend a lot of time reading, trying to make sure I’m not missing anything that can help me get a handle on the new reality that is Social Media.

I’ve attended seminars and webinars, read white papers. I discuss the subject every chance I get, asking colleagues and contacts what they are doing, how it is impacting them and their business, and what the Best Practices are.

What I am finding out, is that it is less about “best practices” and more about learning by trial and error.  A whole lot of trial.

While it’s comforting to know that no one has the all the answers, not the massive blue chip telecom company with tons of resources at its disposal, not the start-up with all the young, plugged-in employees, not the Agencies, not the specialized consultants.  And that essentially, everyone is in the same boat.   But it is really destabilizing to realize that each one of us is pretty much on our own.  It’s almost unheard of not to be able to find a subject expert to provide some guidance.

The Answer Is:  No One Has the Answers!

So what does that mean to someone in Marketing or Communications?  Where does that leave us?

We have much in common with the crew of the Starship Enterprise.  We are poised at the edge of a great new adventure, and our mission is “to boldly  go where no one has gone before”.  But this is not the final frontier – not by far.

We require good leadership.  We need to actively make decisions.  And, to make good decisions, it is critical to base those decisions on what is right for our offering, from what we know, from what we have agreed on, specifically, the strategy and the resulting plan.

We have always had choices to make, resources have always had limits.

The same principles apply here, it’s a matter of priorities, effective deployment of resources and programmes.  And trial and error.  And as terrifying at that is, it’s also the exhilarating part.