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I believe that gainful employment, a.k.a. earning one’s keep, is important.  To me, being a self-supporting, independent individual is a key measure of success.

Having said that, I also think it is very important to enjoy work, and a large part of having a good work life is due to professional relationships that are characterized by respect, kindness, tolerance, good manners and by being genuine.  Fundamentally, if I have two providers, or two candidates, who are pretty much equal in all respects, wouldn’t I be crazy not to choose to work with the one that I get along with?  Who, by their personality and demeanour, will make the necessary interaction enjoyable?

Often a company will reflect the personality and character of it’s employees.  This is probably most evident in privately held and smaller, entreprenurial businesses where management and ownership are the same people and their presence has a significant impact and influence on all aspects of company culture, on a daily basis.

This is conveyed in the style of communication, the work ethic and the interests and causes the leadership, and thus the company, supports.

For example, mononews is an e-company.  It is completely on line.   Our business premise is that everything than be done “electronically”.   We have no letterhead, no stationary.  Yes, we do have business cards, until we find a way around that formality.


And, we believe in culture.  Part of the impetus for the creation of mononews was to provide an easy and accessible vehicle for local, small and not-for-profit arts and cultural organizations, festivals, museums, groups and artists to share their news and activities with the public.  This is a free service that we intend to retain as a free service, even as we move forward in our efforts to take mononews from a Beta test to a money-making proposition.

Bottom Line:

  1. It’s nice to be able to do business with nice people, when you can (I’m not delusional and I am professional).
  2. It’s great to be able to support and encourage the things you appreciate personally, through one’s business/professional life.
  3. Mononews is free, and will remain free-of-charge for not-for-profits, local cultural initiatives, and public service organizations.  Spread the word. Go to www.mononews.ca and check it out.