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What is happening with PR?  With the proliferation of vehicles, the immediacy of instantaneous accessibility, the voracious appetite of the population for what’s new and what’s hot, you would think more companies would issue news releases about their products and programs, promotions, events, charities and activities to keep their customers informed via mass media.  The media are equally hungry for relevant updates.

PR – Mad Men’s Best Friend

I search for news from leading cosmetic, fashion and consumer goods companies and I notice that many of them have not issued a Press Release since early 2009!  I understand that they may be communicating directly with their customers via Social Networking and that’s great, but if I am not a “friend”  or a “subcribed” customer, how do I know about the great new product that I can’t live without?  Yes, I see the ads, but I need more than just a beauty shot, I need details.  Advertising doesn’t tell the story, PR does.

I would suggest is there is a significant opportunity that is being missed – the opportunity to reach a wider audience and attract/educate new users through an alternate and established vehicle – Public Relations.  That there is a key element of the traditional Marketing mix that is not being used.

Let me know what you think.